table_picWhat stories do you have to tell? What passion do you want to write about? How do you get started… and finish?

AROUND THE WRITER’S TABLE is committed to empowering authors—both experienced and emerging—to fearlessly share their stories with the world by providing the resources, training, and connections they need to navigate the creative process, get their piece(s) written, and get published successfully.

If you:

  • Have a story inside that is burning to get out
  • Do not know how to get started with the writing process
  • Are having trouble staying motivated or finishing even though writing is your passion and purpose
  • Have experience or expertise in an industry or interest area that would do good in this world if you could share it
  • Support a cause that you want to tell the world about
  • Want to record your family history, or to chronicle your own memoir or a relative’s unique biography
  • Have a finished manuscript and don’t know where to go next
  • Desire to stretch your creativity and writing abilities

. . . then pull a chair up to the table.

Our Author Services tab details what we offer in-house to support you in your efforts. The Resources tab includes additional information about individuals, companies, and books to move you forward toward your writing goals. Under Training, you’ll find information about upcoming workshops, online classes, and teleclasses. Check out our blog page for all sorts of topics helpful to authors, as well as current and upcoming events and book launch announcements.

This website and the information on it is ever-growing and evolving to fit your needs, so if you have suggestions, events, or someone or something you’d like to see added to the Resources section, or some type of training you’d like to see offered, please contact us at

GINA EDWARDS, Editor, Author, and Creativity Coach, is the Founder of Around the Writer’s Table. Her greatest joy comes from working with authors who have the drive to improve their writing and a passion to live a creative life. She considers it a privilege to help authors polish their manuscripts—pieces they have dedicated so much time to, often pouring their hearts and souls into them for years. Her own creative soul is fed by the inspiration her creativity coaching clients provide to her.

Gina worked in the corporate world for over 30 years on newsletters and magazines; advertising, marketing, and conference materials; technical and scientific reports; and most every other form of written communication. She is a member of the Florida Writers Association, the Tallahassee Writers Association, the Creativity Coaching Association, the Nonfiction Authors Association, and Women’s Prosperity Network; she is a Certified Professional Speaker.

Gina, her cats, and her husband, Mark, live in the woods of North Florida, surrounded by birds, squirrels, deer, wild turkeys, armadillos that destroy their yard—or what’s left of it—and the occasional possum who threatens to attack Mark in the dark of night. It’s a grand life.


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