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Past and future guests include:
Rhett DeVane, Author
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Rob Price, Gatekeeper Press
Mark Wayne Adams, Author/Illustrator/Publisher
Licia Berry, Bestselling Author
Patti Brassard Jefferson, Bookstore Owner
Sam R. Staley, Author

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Our Guest:

Author Bobbi Romans

In this roundtable lesson, we’ll go over the many aspects of a
shining query letter, the one that will entice an agent or editor
to read or request your manuscript.

More details are under OUR TOPIC, below.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017, 7 p.m. (Eastern)

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Hi, I’m BOBBI ROMANS, quirky author at large. I’m both traditionally and self-published. I’ve embraced and love the romance troupe, and I’ve also played with blurring the romance genre rules. (Who doesn’t love breaking the rules on occasion?) My books include Inhibition-X, The Accidental Basket, the Swamp Magic series, and the White Tiger series, among others. Most recently, I released a cookbook, Bobbi Roman’s Recipes for Giant Sized Families on Fairy Sized Budgets.

Odd bits about me? Everything is ODD! Well, as a Florida notary, I’ve married a few couples; the hubs and I were on a talk show (anyone remember the Gordon Elliot Show?); and I love horror movies—B movies, A-List movies, whatever. Bring ’em on! I’ve been married now over 30 years, am mom, BamMaw, love cooking, and have a larger-than-most sized family. (I feed 9+ every night.)

Our Topic:

Make Your Query Letter Shine

The query letter is the author's tool for convincing an editor or agent to read or request the book. Botch it and that could be “all she wrote” for that particular manuscript with that editor/agent.

Not only should it be well-written, but there are some basic guidelines that can't be ignored. Participate in this discussion to learn about:

  • Format of the query letter
  • What to include and what to leave out
  • Researching your prospective target
  • Dear, To Whom It May Concern, or Other
  • Getting comfortable with the process of querying

Our 30-minute CONVERSATION will be informal and, hopefully, you’ll feel as if you are talking with good friends. Then there’s a 30-minute Q&A afterwards, so when the time comes, don’t be shy and ask away.



  • Wed., June 21
  • 7pm Eastern

Live discussion followed by Q&A.

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