manuscriptEditing services are customized based on genre, the stage of your writing, length, and the type of editing the author desires. See definitions below for the types of editing. We accept both fiction and non-fiction manuscripts.

For non-fiction, we offer developmental editing, which can be done in conjunction with creativity coaching (contact me for details), as well as line editing and copy editing. For fiction, we offer both line editing and copy editing. If you are interested in a developmental edit for your fiction work, please contact me for referrals.

Our editing services include:

Developmental Editing for Non-fiction

A developmental edit focuses on overall structure and development of your book. Making sure the author’s intent is clear and consistent throughout the manuscript is vital to the book’s success. We assure the tone, style, and point-of-view in your manuscript are consistent and check the organization and flow of the material. Developmental editing can be preceded by creativity coaching for a full-service package to get your book written.

Line Edit for Fiction and Non-fiction

A line edit is one complete sweep through the manuscript, focusing on the language and writing. During the line edit, the paragraph structure will be checked for understanding and appropriate impact on the reader. During this pass, the editor will check for smooth transitions, consistent tone and point-of-view, repetitive structures in phrasing or repeated words, redundancy, as well as spelling errors, typos, punctuation problems and awkward grammar, clarity and sense, and appropriate word choice. Your editor will provide suggestions and written comments and will pose questions to help guide your final manuscript decisions. After you fully review the line edit and make all final revisions, your editor can do a second sweep through the manuscript, a copy edit.

Copy Edit for Fiction and Non-fiction

During the copy edit (one pass through the manuscript), the editor does a line-by-line check for typos, spelling and punctuation problems, basic grammar issues, and any new errors that may have been introduced in the last revisions you made based on the line edit suggestions. As for the line edit, your editor will provide suggestions and written comments and will pose questions to help guide your final manuscript decisions for any outstanding issues that might linger. A copy edit is not a final proofread, which should be the last step after all revisions are complete. Although we do not offer proofreading services, we can provide referrals.