Writing Support and Accountability – One on One


Our Writing Support and Accountability (WSA) Program is designed to help you get your fiction or non-fiction piece written. Each WSA plan is custom-designed to fit the author’s individual needs, but all typically progress through the following five phases. Some of these phases overlap or occur simultaneously, depending on the condition of your manuscript and the state of your project at the outset of our work together.

1. Discovery and Goal-setting

During this initial phase, we define and/or refine your writing goals and objectives, and clarify the purpose and heart of your project. You receive a Discovery Questionnaire, which should be returned no less than 48 hours prior to your Discovery and Goal-setting call. This is a one-hour phone consultation to review the questionnaire, goals, and needs. We will also discuss writing habits and motivators, and will agree on a path forward. This phase is required for all WSA plans.

2. Accountability

Accountability occurs by phone and/or email, based on your preferences and the nature of your project. This is a quick, two- to three-minute check-in to make sure you are on track and keep moving. Frequency can be monthly, every two weeks, or as often as three times a week. Accountability is an optional service for your WSA plan.

3. Creation and Motivation

This phase of our work together is the essence of your WSA plan. Getting your book written is the overall goal, so your coach is there for support, advice, and motivation. Half-hour phone consultations occur regularly, either monthly, every two weeks, or weekly, based on your needs. These calls are recorded and a link is emailed so you can review and listen again later. Although your coach directs these calls based on needs defined during Discovery and Goal-setting, the focus of each call is up to you, depending on your current challenges or successes. Longer or more frequent calls can be arranged on request. If your plan includes Accountability, this phase occurs concurrently.

4. Refine

This is the editing stage, in which you hand off the manuscript to your editor/coach for editing, which could include a substantive edit, a deep line edit and a copy edit.

During the substantive edit, the editor/coach considers the manuscript as a whole, determining if the storyline is cohesive or if the theme and/or premise are substantiated. In the deep line edit, the manuscript is examined at the paragraph level for clarity and sense, consistency, and redundancies. Often, additional revisions are necessary after the substantive and/or line edits.

Lastly, a copy edit, which is a line-by-line look at the manuscript, is completed checking for sentence structure and syntax, word choice, any new errors introduced during the last revision and for spelling, basic grammar, punctuation, and typos. A final proofread by a professional is also recommended. Although we do not provide this service, we can direct you to others who do.

The Refine phase is optional in your plan, but publishing without this phase is highly discouraged. Professional editing, whether performed by Around the Writer’s Table or another service, is a key ingredient in the success of any book.

5. Assess

After your manuscript is finished, together we will review your goals and evaluate the overall project, determine if any aspects need further work or refinement, and identify any next steps that could enhance or bolster your project. This is also a time to assess your coach and the coaching experience. This phase completes your WSA plan.

Next Steps: Publish

Although Around the Writer’s Table does not offer hands-on publication services, we have a network of publishing professionals that includes book cover designers, book trailer videographers, agents, publicists and marketing professionals, self-publishing experts, and small to medium presses and publishers. We provide referrals, but it is ultimately up to you to choose the services for these aspects of your project. Around the Writer’s Table will provide connections and make introductions at the appropriate phases of your project.

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