We humans have a deeply ingrained sense that we need to be independent, solve our own problems, go it alone.

Writers are no exception. We naturally tend to be solitary.

We think if we ask for help, others will believe we’re not smart enough or resourceful enough. But seeking help can feel humiliating—even vulnerable. Not doing it is just . . . well, less uncomfortable.

We’d rather stay safely in our isolated writing dens.

This “safety” is an artifice, though. And it impedes our chances to grow, to improve, to succeed.

“A word after a word after a word is power.”

~Margaret Atwood

But what is “success” as a writer?

Thinking about that can bring up some anxieties, can’t it? Often we look to outside sources for a definition of success.

But what does success as a writer mean for you? Have you thought about that? Is it:

  • Publishing your family history and sharing it with aunts, cousins, and children?
  • Finding an agent for your memoir?
  • Simply enjoying the thrill of playing with words?
  • Winning the state writing contest?
  • Self-publishing your novel?
  • Having a daily journaling practice that allows you to think deeply and understand your world?

Let your pen faithfully reflect the glint of light from your soul.

~Terri Guillemets

All of these are valid—and all of them MATTER.

Whatever form, frequency, topics, themes, ideas, and thoughts you explore in your writing—every bit of it matters. And we’re here to help you define success as a writer on your own terms.

Time to write in peace, to engage with other writers, to hone your craft

Motivation, accountability, tools to improve your writing and to manage the ups-and-downs of your writing life

When you can’t bear to look at your draft any longer and want a professional eye


So what are you waiting for?

You never have to travel your writer’s journey alone.

While writing yesterday, I thought about our discussions at the retreat and had an inspired moment to change some things in my story. The retreat has made a world of difference! I feel more in control of this process and have confidence in being able to complete it and tell the story as it needs to be told.

Lisa Beavers

Gina has helped me articulate a vision that I’ve only had glimpses of in the last five years. I’ve always believed in goal setting for my professional life, but I’ve never made the headway that I’ve enjoyed since I started working with her. This “partnership” is making my day-to-day activities more purposeful and, of course, more satisfying knowing that there’s a plan.

Julie Strauss Bettinger

I’m in awe of Gina’s knowledge and professional skill. I appreciate her expertise and personal care in transforming my “rough” copy into a smooth, captivating story. I especially appreciate her comments as she edited my manuscript, letting me know that my story is relatable. My confidence quotient is up.

Caroline Anaya

Pull up a chair; you’re in the right place.

You are always welcome around the writer’s table.