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Conversations on Craft, Creativity, and Conscious Living

The advice is universal: if you want to write, just sit your butt in a chair and start writing! Creativity isn’t always “on call,” though, and the act of writing tugs on all parts of your life: energy, time, focus, dedication, endurance, resilience…the list goes on.

Around the Writer’s Table is a podcast that explores the crossroads of creativity, craft, and conscious living for writers of all ages and backgrounds. Join Gina, Melody, and KimBoo around the writer’s table as they bring their unique perspectives to the trials, tribulations, and joys of writing!

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Ep. 45: Interview with Karla Refojo

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Ep. 43: Navigating the Stages of Creative Mastery

Ep. 42: Creativity Quest: Yielding to Mastery

Ep. 41: Interview with Rhett DeVane


Your Hosts

Gina Hogan Edwards

Gina Hogan Edwards

Author, Retreat Host

Fascinated by the intersections of our creative expression, self-love, and wellbeing, Gina creates uplifting spaces that empower women to claim their voices — on the page, stage, at work, in their everyday lives.

Melody, A Scout

Melody, A Scout

Conscious Living Coach

Author of Soul of the Seasons, Melody teaches the wisdom embedded within Winter, Spring, Summer, Harvest, and Fall to inform and support the frequently delightful and sometimes grueling writing process.

KimBoo York

KimBoo York

Author, Fanfiction writer, Motivator

KimBoo learned her greatest writing lesson from fanfiction: just write the damn thing! She now helps authors of all kinds do just that. 

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