Traveling the Writer's Journey Together

Writing and Creativity Coaching

Even though writing is a solitary endeavor, at times we just can’t—and shouldn’t—go it alone.

An author’s coach can help you create a vision for the kind of writer’s life you want to lead, whether that’s writing for a career, as a hobby, or as a means to better understand your inner and outer worlds.

Your writing life, on your terms!

At different times on our writer’s path, authors need different types of support. The tools that can help one writer overcome a nonproductive period are not the same as the ones another writer needs when trying to understand why she’s depressed after her dream of being published has come true.
Sometimes, authors need support related to the writing effort itself. In coaching terminology, this is transactional support, which focuses on:

  • Accountability
  • Time management
  • Goal-setting and planning
  • Expanding your knowledge of the writing craft
At other times, the support focuses on managing our minds, our thoughts and behaviors related to writing, which is transformational support and involves:

  • Dealing with anxieties or self-doubts about writing
  • Writing motivation
  • Overcoming hurdles that keep you from moving forward
  • Creating a long-term vision for your writer’s life
  • Exploring the deeper meaning in your writing
  • And other mindset challenges writers face

Often—maybe even usually—we need both at the same time.

Gina Edwards has a unique combination of skills and experience to provide writers with both types of support. As a Certified Creativity Coach, a retreat leader, an editor, and an author, Gina can guide you at any stage in your writer’s journey—whether you’re currently writing or not.

Gina provides group and personalized one-on-one coaching for writers. To learn more about how coaching for authors works, email her at