Looking for the “perfect” time to create? Forget about it! You are always in the middle of something, so it is right in the middle of things that your creating must also happen.

Never is there a moment when we aren’t “in the middle of something.” And that holds especially true during the holiday season. Over the next few weeks, your commitment to your writing will be tested in countless ways–likely, already has been.

woman-1733881_1920There is only one solution: regardless of what’s going on in the rest of your world, you simply must write.

It sounds so simple! But you know it isn’t. Do it anyway. Plan it, if only for ten minutes a day. Do it consistently, no matter what else is going on around you. Get up a few minutes early, stay up a few minutes late, or steal a quarter-hour away from the holiday hoopla for a date with your notepad and pen.

Use a closet if you have to.

This creativity tip is inspired by and based on The 97 Best Creativity Tips Ever! by Dr. Eric Maisel (2011), and is used with his permission.

Gina Edwards is a retreat leader, a certified creativity coach, and a book editor. She is also a writer, so she’s intimately familiar with the challenges and elation that come with being one.

She supports all writers—published and aspiring—who want to write as an act of courageous and necessary self-expression.

Walking the writer’s path hand-in-hand with her clients and students, she helps them establish a writing practice and define a creative life on their own terms.


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